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Through communication we advance as people. We communicate through the arts and sciences. We also seek to empower our sisters and brothers using media as a tool for exposing our school of thought. Lifelong learning, life skills, and cultural enrichment is part of our commitment to the world serving as a community resource.
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Its not what you say its how you say it.


What we do

We make dope shit. Soon P-World will be releasing ways in which people can test their water for dangerous contanminates as well as building devices to remediate water. Links coming soon.

Ocean Ocean

Who we are

We are a small diverse team that has a wide range of vision with common goals in mind. We provide high quality professional video and photography services with an aboriginal lens.

Where we going

As deep as the ocean will allow us. Here at pearl media our goal is to encompass all forms of media and contribute to the culture in a way that respects our personal narritives. Traditionally media groups are extremely fucked up toward non white people. We plan to not only address that - we changing that. How exactly? Through our passion.